Get to Know: Katrina Gorry

From halfway across the globe, future FC Kansas City midfielder, Katrina Gorry, watched last week's opener in eager anticipation of joining the team in June. Here is a little more about the Australian International, in her own words...


Hello FC Kansas City fans!

I can't wait to see you all very soon! These past 6 months have been very full on with our season over here and then heading straight into national team commitments. The day after our Club final we headed into a 4 day training camp before heading off to cyprus cup for 3 weeks. We have calculated that in the next 3 months we will only spend 20 days at home and the rest on the pitch with 6 international games under our belt. I think our preparation leading into the Asian cup (world cup qualifiers) will give us a lot of confidence.

I've heard so many good things about the NWSL. I think the main thing I'm excited about is playing along side and against some of the best players in the world. I watched some of the games last year and every team looked like they could have had a spot in the top four so i know every game will be as hard as the last which is another reason i wanted to join Kansas city this season.

I pretty much haven't grown a cm since i was 12 years old so being 5ft 1, i was always going to get the name mini haha

I have a huge family with 7 brothers and 1 sister.

I started playing soccer when i was 6 years old because all my brothers played.

I have to shop online in asia for soccer boots because my feet are too small to buy them anywhere else.

My favourite number is 10 because when I was 10 I decided I would just be the number I was turning but the next year I couldn't get 11 so 10 has stuck and when I cant get 10 I wear 19 because 1+9=10.

My favourite player in the world would have to be Messi.

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