10 Questions with Christina Gibbons

Photo courtesy of ISI Photos

Get to know 2017 FC Kansas City Draft Pick Christina Gibbons

1)    What was your major in college?

Visual Media Studies

2)    What has been the best soccer moment of your career so far?

Beating Florida State in the 2015 College Cup Semifinal

3)    Who have been your biggest soccer influences throughout your career?

My dad and my club coach, Damon Nahas

4)    Did you play any other sports growing up?


5)    What is your favorite sport to watch other than soccer?

Basketball and Lacrosse

6)    What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to and where would you most like to visit?

My favorite place so far has been Greece, and I would like to visit New Zealand

7)    Do you have a hidden talent?

Impersonations, I think

8)    Favorite pump up song at the moment?

Wrote My Way Out from the Hamilton Mixtape

9)    Do you have any nicknames?

I go by Gibby, but also get called all sorts of variations including: Gib, Giblet, Lil Gib, Gibbs, Gibbo, Tina, Teen, and the list goes on

10) Kansas City takes pride in both, but which do you prefer: BBQ or steak?

BBQ!!! (Disclaimer: I grew up eating Eastern NC BBQ and am therefore biased towards a vinegar base, but I appreciate all kinds of wonderful Q)

Bonus: What is your funniest story of fellow draftee Toni Payne from your time at Duke?

Every time we are laughing together and then she stops abruptly and puts on this serious face leaving me laughing alone like a fool which then makes me laugh more


Follow Christina on Instagram and Twitter: @cgibby_

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