10 Questions with Rashida Beal

Photo courtesy of ISI Photos

Photo courtesy of ISI Photos

Get to know 2017 FC Kansas City Draft Pick Rashida Beal

1) What was your major in college?


2) What has been the best soccer moment of your career so far?

Winning the Big Ten tournament and regular season my senior year. It was something we had been building for during my entire Gopher soccer career and it was an awesome feeling to have our work pay off.

3) Who have been your biggest soccer influences throughout your career?   

Upperclassmen on my team during my first few years really influenced me to develop as a player and leader.

4) Did you play any other sports growing up?

Besides doing track in middle school, I only played soccer.

5) What is your favorite sport to watch other than soccer?

Track, especially the sprinting events.

6) What is your favorite place you’ve traveled to and where would you most like to visit?  

My favorite place I visited was Barcelona. My college team took a trip there during my freshman spring in order to experience a great soccer culture and play some teams from outside the US. I would love to explore more of Europe.

7) Do you have a hidden talent?

I am a very thrifty person and am good at saving money in many ways.

8) Favorite pump up song at the moment?

New Level by Asap Ferg. It was my walkout song this past season.

9) Do you have any nicknames?

Most people just call me "Shida" but my dad has called me "Shida cat" since I was a baby.

10) Kansas City takes pride in both, but which do you prefer: BBQ or steak?

I really like both of those things, but I am a big fan of pulled pork BBQ.


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