Updated: December 20, 2012

Prairie Village, KS – FC Kansas City announced today a partnership with SoccerFIT Academy in Overland Park, KS.  Players will work and train with SoccerFIT Academy to maintain their peak physical fitness throughout the season.  The Overland Park training facility has 2500 sq. ft. of training space where FC Kansas City players will train using top of the line sports performance equipment from Cybex, Woodway, Fusion Sport, Polar, TRX, Myotest, etc., then move outside to work through the Game Speed programs with access to a world class soccer complex featuring turf fields, multiple sized goals and plenty of space to integrate small sided games in the speed and skill programs.

Scott Moody, founder and CEO of SoccerFIT Academy, has developed a curriculum that bridges the gap between training for sport and on-field performance.  “We are excited about the opportunity to work with the Blues this season. Over the past 15 years, my staff at the SoccerFIT Training & Research Center has worked with over 6000 female soccer players in the Greater Kansas City area. And over that time we have seen them grow up to compete on the college, pro and national team level,” Moody said, “Getting a chance to continue to work closely with them as they compete on the professional level is a dream come true. We are looking forward to an exciting year with FC Kansas City!”

Team President, Brian Budzinski, is excited about what this partnership can mean for the players, “With SoccerFit, FC Kansas City will have one of the top soccer training programs in the country. We feel our players will receive the most innovative performance training available to any athlete - anywhere.”

Coach Vlatko Andonovski is looking for immediate success in the National Women’s Soccer League.  He thinks that Moody’s program at SoccerFIT is going to help set his team above the rest, “Scott has put together a training program unlike any I’ve seen before.  Players who go through his programs are more physically fit and able to handle late-game adversity.” Andonovski added, “In this league, we will need to be able to dig deep at the end of games, and thanks to his team, we will be able to do that better than anyone else.”

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